Sunday, August 21, 2011

People's Assembly Fair - Saturday 27th August

We're busy prepping for the People's Assembly Fair next weekend (August 27). It'll be a fun filled day with live music, environmental & social justice workshops, interactive games, kids area, free food and more.  

We'll be facilitating a workshop on CETA and how it will affect our local communities. Let's get the word out to our councillors that Toronto should declare itself exempt from CETA!

There's also going to be a nifty button making area at our table, so come create custom buttons and magnets!

See you at the Fair next Saturday.

Time: 12 – 5 p.m.
Location: Dufferin Grove Park, 875 Dufferin Street (south of Bloor)
Cost: free!

It's almost time for the People's Assembly Fair! With free workshops, live music, free food, a kids center and more, it's going to be a lot fun for everyone. So come out, join the debate and be heard.

Bring some new faces and lets talk, be heard and create some action!
Be excited, we know we are!

Here are the things we have set up so far:
Clean Train Coalition - Interactive booth
Toronto Chapter of the Council of Canadians - C.E.T.A. Workshop and diy button making
Green Peace with Dix Sandbeck - The Economy and The Environment Workshop
Food Not Bombs - serving a vegan/vegetarian meal
Living Well Climate Justice Network - Discussion Based Seminar
Mega Quarry Awareness - Info Booth and A Discussion Based Seminar
Toronto Public Library Workers Union - Workshop, Info Booth and Kids story time.
People's Voice - Info Booth
Stop U of T Animal Research - Workshop 
Toronto Environmental Alliance - Interactive Game
the zeitgeist Movement - Info Booth and Music
Mining Injustice Solidarity Network - Info Booth and Workshop
No One Is Illegal - Surprise Workshop

For more information vist the Toronto People's Assembly website or find us on Facebook


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