Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Niger River: A River Under Seige

The Toronto Chapter is co-presenting Niger River: A River Under Seige on Sunday, Oct 16 at 3pm.  We have 2 for 1 passes available; please contact us if you would like one, or would be interested in volunteering at our information table.

In the face of a rapidly changing climate and a growing population, resilience, adaptation and optimism help the people of the Niger River to cope with the devastating effects that desertification is having on local agriculture.

Explorer, climate journalist and star of the film Himalaya Alert at last year’s festival, Bernice Notenboom and her team embark on a 750-kilometre kayak expedition on the Bani and Niger Rivers towards Timbuktu, Mali to discover how the local Fulani, Bozo and Tuareq tribes are adapting to the changing weather conditions and the small-scale initiatives undertaken by local farmers, fishermen and herders to prepare for even more extreme conditions to come.

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