Sunday, September 26, 2010

My G20 Poem

I Stand on Guard for Thee

June 26th twenty-ten
Toronto’s G20 was then.
I attended workshops and training in preparation,
I had no idea so many would need reparation.

The People’s Summit was inspiring
but the police were already perspiring,
worrying about what we would do
with plans to throw us in their zoo.

The Week of Action was about our rights
for democracy we are forced to fight.
And while those with a lot of clout
participated in a Shout Out,
the police agencies started to brace
all of their planning resulting in a disgrace.

On that Saturday morning
it was grey and pouring,
yet thousands showed up to say
they weren’t happy with the way,
Harper and his rich friends were ruling
- the entire world they are ruining.

The police told us to stay away
creating fear amongst the fray,
but we came out anyway
despite the threats that we would pay.
And not because we were rebels
or wanted to cause troubles,
but because we love our country
and in theory still are free
to protest and detest
lest we lose what’s best.
The land, water and air
it’s plight just isn’t fair.
Polluted by multi-nationals,
the public getting no rationale.
As Nafta and CETA rob us blind
our public services we’ll no longer find.
Harper forcing trade deals through in a hurry.
Whose favour is he trying to curry?

And yet voices are so critical
at a time so pivotal.
We’re not just fighting for our view
we are fighting for you all too.
So if our marches inconvenienced you,
imagine fresh water for only a few – but not you.
And not your loved ones.
It’ll be protected by corporate guns.
For a steep profit
they’ll clean it and sell it
back to Canadian citizens.
How will we afford our medicines?
Now privatized.
Harper’s dream realized.
Everything in Canada for sale,
even the delivery of our mail.

So for those who were not there,
please dare to be fair.
The media coverage was one-sided,
almost as if they were pre-guided
on what to say and what to play
regardless of the peaceful reality.
It was banality.
Showing burning cars for hours
was media produced by cowards.

Over a thousand arrested,
many never even protested.
Thrown in cages
and igniting rages
that had not been
because the guards were unjustly mean.
Laughing at the sick,
did they forget this was the public
they swore to serve and protect?
The police actions cannot go unchecked.
They must have meant to demean
serving urine in Styrofoam – obscene.

And all because people were on a street
or trying to get home – not beat.
It is berserk
that those who had to work
were expected to accept defeat
as if earning a living was to compete
with the establishment.
Such an embarrassment.

Harper’s legacy - a folly.
Canada’s resources his debauchery.
Tailings ponds growing and leaking
as multi-national corporations are guzzling and sabotaging
our fresh water, our trees, our tar
our land forever scarred.
While trade deals, conceal
true intent, and the extent to which they will
change Canada without our consent.

The G20 hangover is not ending
with the civil action suit still pending.
And as the police add pictures to their line-up
to try to counterbalance their fuck-up.
I, we, us
the active citizens, protesters and anarchists amongst us,
will continue to right the wrongs.
Alone and in throngs.
To bring Canada back to it’s former pride
and if we fail, at least I can say I tried.

Oh Canada, I know you can once again be
a land healthy, strong and free, and so
I stand on guard, for thee.


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